No Cost, No Appointment - You'd Be Surprised by What Doctors Can Do Virtually

As a member of the healthcare plan made available through the Colorado Association of REALTORS®, you have unlimited access to virtual medical care 24/7/365 for no additional cost! This works great for minor things like sinus infections, pink eye, UTI’s, and rashes, but did you know Redirect’s team can handle so much more?

For example:, the skilled coordinators and doctors can order labs, imaging, and specialist visits for you, all over the phone, via secure messaging, or video conference. Their logistics team can transfer medical records to providers in your area and discuss your needs before you even arrive for the lab test, imaging service, or specialist visit. They’ll even negotiate cash-pay rates before you arrive so you’ll know the cost of your visit beforehand.

Of course, if you need medical help that exceeds the cost of the Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA) you chose when you enrolled, the Sedera community funds will be shared to pay the bills exceeding your IUA. And guess what! Redirect coordinates this, as well, so you can focus on things that matter most to you! It couldn’t be easier.

If you’re ever unsure about what to do to get care or if you get a bill from a provider, simply call Redirect Health at 888-407-7928. This is always the first step to a refreshingly smooth and transparent experience in healthcare. If you need a refresher on how your program works, please check out the following resources:

As always, if you need help, we at Alpine Association Benefits are here to help Colorado REALTORS® have an incredible experience. You can always reach out to us via email: or phone: (720) 523-5524.