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What do our members say?


"I needed to get an MRI for a knee injury last winter, and the customer service at Sedera was so helpful! They helped me find a doctor’s office I could go to for both the MRI and surgery if needed. They stayed in touch with me until everything was settled. They were so helpful, and I highly recommend!"

Kelsey Harkins

Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty, Steamboat, Colorado


"I wanted to personally thank you for the care, follow up, and most of all the genuine concern I felt that you shared on my behalf. In this day and age that seems to be so rare, especially dealing with the billing departments of various medical providers.


I had an emergency surgery done after what was supposed to be a routine knee scope. Three days after the scope my knee was so inflamed, I went to the emergency room. The knee was drained and diagnosed with a possible staph infection. That event spiraled into an emergency surgery and subsequent three-night stay in the hospital. Hospital billing came to my room after the second day and informed me I had run up a bill close to $60,000. Yikes! ​


At first there was a little confusion as to how the cost sharing program through Sedera would work, but they handled our phone call and questions with professionalism and care. All the bills were paid, and it is such a huge relief for me after what was a traumatic experience to say the least. Thank you to the whole team!"

Bret Amon

LIV- Sotheby’s I.R, Breckenridge Colorado


"I had a digestive issue for over a year, and because I previously only had catastrophic coverage, I couldn’t afford to see anyone. Once I enrolled in the healthcare option through the Colorado Association of REALTORS®, I scheduled an appointment with the appropriate specialist. It went very well, and I learned that I just needed some physical therapy – huge relief. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently, and the bills were completed within a few weeks of the appointment. The total experience was excellent – and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am after having catastrophic insurance for many years, especially now that was able to afford to address my health concern!"

Cindy Marlowe

Redhead Luxury Properties, Broomfield, Colorado


"For me and my family, CAR’s healthcare solution has been a game changer, specifically, the ability to access a doctor 24/7/365. My children and I have used it on numerous occasions from strep throat to ear infections to the flu. The amazing doctors are thorough and careful in their diagnoses – the video chats with them are easy and so beneficial.


When needed, they immediately sent the prescriptions to my pharmacy of choice, and I was able to pick them up within the hour. By not having to leave home when you feel at your worst, it has changed the way we access healthcare in general.  This benefit from the association for my family and me is over-the-top wonderful.  We are truly grateful for this huge benefit and will continue to use it rather than spending a couple hundred dollars at the urgent care or waiting a day or two to get into our primary care physician’s office.  Thank you!"

Hender Adams

Redhead Luxury Properties, Broomfield, Colorado


"All the Sedera, Redirect Health and Alpine Association Benefits representatives are readily available to answer questions about the system or any health care questions.  I have had no trouble being able to talk to a rep. with just a phone call or email.  My experience using the cost sharing program offered through CAR has been as good or better than my experiences with insurance companies. 


I recently had a kidney stone procedure, and I had no trouble with the Sedera website, needs coordinator or payment negotiator.  All responded and worked promptly to address my need.   Submitting/uploading the necessary documents is an easy process, and the transaction took about two weeks.  The kidney stone procedure, emergency room and hospitalization cost me just $500, which was the IUA I selected when joining.  Compare that to the actual cost of over $15,000 that was paid by Sedera.


This procedure using my last traditional health insurance policy would have cost me quite a bit more since the deductible and out of pocket maximum would have required much more from me.  Additionally, the monthly cost for this cost sharing program is about half the cost of my recent traditional health insurance plan.  You will have to keep good track of bills and doctor statements so that they are available to upload to the Sedera website, but it is well worth the extra time considering the substantial savings."

Dave Brandon

Custom Properties, Centennial, CO


"My family had an incredible experience with Alpine Association Benefits and Sedera Health. We enrolled in Sedera through the Colorado Association of REALTORS® in the Fall of 2019.


Unfortunately, in mid-December 2019, we had the opportunity to put the benefits to the test. My daughter had a rough night of severe stomach pains and I took her to Urgent Care where they discovered she had acute appendicitis. We rushed her to the emergency room where she had surgery. In the process of all of this, I was in communication with Alpine Associate Benefits and Sedera, all of whom were extraordinarily helpful and responsive. I was receiving calls back within 15 minutes, answering my questions, and each call ending with the rep encouraging me to relax and take care of and be with my girl. She thankfully made a very quick recovery, and our out of pocket expense was $1,000. Had we been on our old plan, it would have been $7,000.


We then had a second opportunity to use the Sedera community in early 2020. My husband found himself in need of an ankle replacement and full foot reconstruction as a result of a severe childhood injury. When we initially consulted with Sedera about this need, they determined our claim was a preexisting condition and therefore did not qualify for community sharing. The Sedera representative was very helpful and friendly in helping us through the appeal process. Because his ankle damage was a result of ongoing degenerative arthritis, we appealed to their Board; our appeal was honored and they determined his expenses would be shared, and we would pay our $1,000 IUA.


During the time that our appeal was in process, my husband was working with the surgeon’s office to try to reduce the price of the surgery as much as possible, since we thought we were going to be paying ourselves, and he was successful in getting the costs down significantly. When Sedera made the determination to provide community funds for his surgery and found out that he was able to save the community such a substantial amount, they even waived our $1000 IUA!"

Deven Meininger

The Wells Group, Durango, Colorado

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